Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Katie's Beg for Prayer

Almost two week ago Jamie (our youth pastor) , Amanda (his wife) , Analy (4 month old) and Katie traveled to England. Last Thursday, Amanda, Analy and Katie were scheduled to fly back to the USA , while Jamie stayed over on business with the univesity.

Due to the recent volcano eruption in Iceland, their flight back to the USA has been delayed several times. Needless to say, they are on an adventure they will remmeber for lifetime, but both are emotionally drained and ready to see family and friends. Katie ask that I ask---NO BEG my friends to pray for them.

I have several prayer request:
1. Pray for no delays on Wednesday for Amanda and Katie.
2. Pray for safe and trouble-free flights back to the US for both the girls and Jamie.
3. Pray for Mathias and the families caring for him in Georgia.
4. Pray for Jamie as he takes care of the girls and his affairs.
5. Pray for the other countries and people affected by this natural disaster.
6. Pray for peace of mind and comfort for the girls while they waiting.
7. Praise the Lord for those who are reaching out and helping them
--specifically Mr. Micheal whose house they are currently staying, Lauren,
Yvonne, and Rose who are nearby and available if they should need anything.
8. Praise the Lord that they have email and facebook to communicate with
those of us back home--I think this has helped.

We are so blessed to have a Church and friends that continually prays for one another.
I love you all.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Lord,
Kimberly Hines