Monday, April 27, 2009

Cowboys and Carpenter

The last couple of weeks, the Hines Cattle Company men weren’t only busy working cows but also re-roofing my in- law’s house. My brother Zane asked me how they knew how to build things, did somebody have training? My reply was they were just a very talented bunch of men. It truly amazes me that there is almost nothing these men can’t do. I guess this intrigued him because my family has trouble changing out a sink faucet. My dad and brothers are outstanding farmers but definitely not handymen. My dad grows the most beautiful and tastiest field of watermelons. And his garden is so bountiful that he offers his garden to several families at his church, not to mention me :~). During the summer, occasionally his vegetables are served at Wednesday night suppers at his church (about 200 folks). He is the best dirt farmer I know.

Back to the Hines men….they worked cows from daylight to dark—7 days straight, taking only Sunday off to worship and rest. Even then, Steven had some loose ends to tie up. This week they are putting a new roof on one of the other houses in the family. Personally, I think since they are in the building mood..... they should start me a house. Don’t you agree?

Steven had asked me to take some candid shots in the cow pens, but I didn’t get home in time to catch the cowboys in cowboy action. We regret that we did not take more pictures in the past. As many of you have experienced, we are not promised tomorrow with our loved ones and friends. Unfortunately almost 5 years ago, our smiling cowboy and his wife were taken from us in a tragic car accident in which a drunk driver hit them. Since then, I try to take more pictures of the men (and my daddy) around the farms. Here are a few pictures of the cowboys turned carpenters.

After previewing these pictures, I notice that only a few men are working and a few men are directing. Maybe if everybody worked, then they would have finished a little sooner. That's the difference in women -- everybody works so we can get to visiting and enjoying the company. Seriously, the men are very hard workers.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayer Request For Clara Nell

Mom will be having knee replacement surgery Wednesday morning. Please pray that she will have quick and complete healing. She is Diabetic and I am worried about the healing. She is very apprehensive about the therapy and being at home. She had contemplated going to the local nursing home but after a visit changed her mind. I don't think she would like the food nor the smell. Like me, mom is a gag-er so I know she wouldn't like the place after the good meds wear off.

So next week, my spring break won't be at the beach but at mom and dad's so drop by and see us and we'll enjoy the sunset off their porch. Pray also for me, I think I am going to stay at the hosptial with her --- I hate yucky places, where other people's hair and germs may linger. I may just sneak some of the good stuff 'cause you know I am as cottie a phobic as they come.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I love the BLOG World

I absolutely love looking at other people's stuff they put on their blogs. I especially like BLOGS about farm life and country living. It let's me see I'm not the only one who lives a wild and crazy life.

As I was skimming through someone's favorite sites, I came across this blog. As read through the latest happenings, I scrolled across this picture and thought I would wet my pants. It is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. Now Girls... I know all of you are planning your pictures for next year.... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you Jessica for the post and the humor.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Yucky Day

Have you ever had a …. well ….yucky day? And you wondered if it could possible get any worse?
Let me give you some advice ----don’t ask.
In the afternoons, when I first arrive home, I like to check out the BLOG world and see what’s happening in everybody’s world. Today had been pretty rough at school and I needed a moment before I started supper to catch my second wind. Katie and I sat on the couch nosing into perfect strangers' business, when Charlee appeared. Here's the conversation that made my day a little bit “crappier”.

Charlee: I had to go to the bathroom but I’m okay.
Me: Well, did you poop in your pants?
Charlee: Noooo, I just pulled down my pants and it fell out.
Me: Are you sure you didn’t have an accident?
Charlee: No, I cleaned it up.
Katie: Oh gross…. (mixed with giggles)
Me: Well maybe I need to see if the bathroom is okay. (not really wanting to go, but fearful of what she might do next)
Charlee: Don’t worry, that on my britches is cow crap from working cows at the daycare today. Before Meme picked me up, we had to put them in the pen. But she didn’t see them ‘cause we were finished when she got there. (I would call her a LIAR, but I think she just fabricates stories).

So, I reluctantly headed into the bathroom, pondering if I should go ahead and put on my cleaning house clothes or hope it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Needless to say, I turned around went in my room and changed clothes. Then I grabbed the jug of bleach and went to work.

The more I cleaned, the more I noticed what had been victimized by the notorious Charlee. I lifted my new bath rugs that were freshly sprinkled with stinky. I scrubbed the wall that was splattered with Lord knows what. I bleached the grout and the tile that oozed with yuck. Then, I noticed the base of the toilet….and thought to myself “how can a little 20 pound nothing commit such destruction on a bathroom.” Bless her little heart, she tried to clean up--with the hand towel (that is going in the trash).

Does the scene from Daddy Daycare flash in your head?

As hard and deep as I cleaned, the more I found that needed bleaching. When I thought I was finally finished, I spotted the bath toys, needless to say Barbie is now a true Bleached Blonde.

Disgusted beyond means, I threw a plastic Easter egg away. While I cleaned, Charlee headed out to help dad really work cows and ride the horse. A little while later, she came racing back in the house to go to the bathroom again, when she apparently noticed the cheap, good for nothing poop covered Easter egg I had thrown in the trash. She rushed into the family room, and as if I had committed an unforgivable sin said “That Easter Egg does not go in the trash”
Me: Oh yes it does—it has poop on it.
Charlee: OH NO it doesn’t, you can wash it off and I already did. And away she prised

So I guess I am heading back to the bathroom to re-bleach everything.

I know this is a gross story but remember in my first post, I said that I am always knee deep in some kind of adventure only today it wasn’t an adventure I was knee deep in. ;~)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Handsome Prince Rescues Jilted Prom Beauty

Let me start off with an apology-I am sorry that I do not know how to rotate pictures --you'll have to rotate your computer .
Tuesday, while Marsha and I were in the middle of trying to finish Katie’s Beef Proficiency amidst all the other chaos in my life, in marches Katie and rereads the text in which she had received moments earlier …. I’ve been trying to call you but can’t get a hold of you. I don’t think I can make it Friday……..

Note it is Tuesday, 2 1/2 days before the prom on Friday. Immediately everyone in the lunch bunch offered a replacement …Lori suggested Renee who could lead the Congo …Marsha offered Adam who undoubtedly is a good looking guy …Patsy recommended David because he likes to dance and Minnie sat speechless. Then Patsy thought, well maybe all of us could go and take Clara Nell’s ride and use a red beach towel as the red carpet. My suggestion was Will and luckily his mother was nearby and thought that was a great idea.

However, he didn’t have enough time to get a tux but had he recently purchased an awesome suit. Which I must say he looked very handsome in. Long adventure short, she had a cute date and they had whole lot of fun.

She had an awesome dress, long dangly earrings and a slit cut a little too high for her mother’s liking…but she looked stunning. Did I mention it was zebra print?

Katie, Will, Racheal and Trey headed out for the big night in Meme’s car. They ate supper at The Great Outdoors in High Springs and then went to the Prom at the Gateway Grand. Katie danced the night away (except the slow songs)with her best friend Rachael and their dates. It was truly a night she will never forget. She even taught some of the kids the famous Cotton Eye Joe. Cheri said Katie was PRICELESS-- I already knew that.

Did I mention that Katie’s life saver was Tyler’s Best Friend Will? When they got to the Prom he looked at Katie and said “Let’s don’t slow dance cause that would be awkward.” Katie agreed.

After the prom, Katie and Will meet Tyler and Lacey back at Meme and Papa’s and played ROCK BAND till 4 in the morning. When she got home Saturday morning, I asked how her first date was and she I wouldn’t call that a date—it was Will.

I think everybody had a great time and Will has decide to go to his prom ---without Katie. And Rachael, who only went because of Katie, is already planning for next year's prom. Charlee said she was picking out Katie's dress next year. I tried to explain that Kate didn't pick out her (Chalree's) clothes and she quickly reminded me that yes she does in the mornings sometimes and therefore she deserved the right to pick out her prom dress.

I just wonder what happened to the sweet little the girls I taught in third grade that only wanted more AR points?

I think these two girls will be friends until eternity. God gives us the best gifts---friends.

What could make the evening more like a fairy tale than a hero coming home? A few weeks before Jarred came home at Christmas he served a term of duty in Afghanistan. During that time he fought in one of the most intense battles. Jarred was award the Bronze Medal for his participation in the battle. Anyway, we are very PROUD of him and his accomplishments. Remember to pray daily for our men and women serving our Country. Katie, Charlee and I have made a pac that every time we see an American Flag that pray for Jarred. Charlee is the most faithful about this. Her prayers are precious.

Hope everyone had a great Easter… Katie was suppose to leave Wednesday for ENGLAND but her plans have changed due to a medical condition with the lady inwhich she was traveling with . Anyway she has a passport and ready to travel.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chocolate Covered Anything

Once a month do you have that carving were you could eat just about anything covered in chocolate?

Well today happens to be one of those days. All day it has poured rain. (Thank you, Jesus for the blessing of rain). Katie and Steven are at the Youth Livestock Sale. This is the first time in about 30 years I have missed sale day. For some reason, I think the sale was able to go on with out me. Imagine That:~) But with the weather we thought it was best for Charlee to stay home. Plus it has been a long week and we have to go back to school on Thursday. Katie did great. But I'll tell that story with pictures.

Now back to my reason for the post---Mid month Munchies. Any way I am busy cleaning and reorganizing my house before the Egg Hunt, we are hosting for my side of the family on the 11th . When it struck me.....nothing is satisfying my hunger needs today. I had cheese grits for breakfast, chicken salad sandwich for lunch and nibbled on Charlee's leftover Valentine candy. Gross I know, but when a woman is in need of a snack, she'll eat almost anything. In my madness of cleaning our Dining Room/ Storage Room. I had a brain blossom--Seven Minute Cookies. This happens to be one of those recipe were you have everything you need in the pantry. I wanted to share my quick fix recipe with you other mid month munchers. This is a recipe, I found in the University of Florida Alpha Gamma Cookbook that Ray Hodge (he was always so thoughtful) gave to me. If you can get your hands on one of these cookbooks grab it and run. It is filled with wonderful Florida Family recipes. ( Carrie, I will try to locate one for Ms. Cindy Jo. She would love the stories and history.)

Seven Minute Cookies
Melt in a pan:
1can Eagle Brand Milk
12 oz. Chocolate Chips
1/4 cup butter
Stir in the following
1 cup Self-rising Flour
1 cup Chopped nuts
1 tsp Vanilla
Drop by teaspoons onto a greased cookie sheet bake for 7-8 minutes @350.
Cool Slightly before removing.

I would have taken a picture of my beautiful cookies but the infamous Charlee has misplaced Katie's digital camera. I am going to the store before Easter to purchase a digital you bloggers let me know which is best. I have the Canon Rebel with all the lenses and love it but I can barely afford the film and developing cost nor can I put nifty pictures on my post immediately.