Sunday, August 2, 2009

A WiLd and CRazY Week.

Wow what a week. It seems as though we have been around the world and back. Well close. This past week, I had the pure delight of teaching the kids music and missions on the Boomerang Express at VBS. Each night I had a red suit case packed with Mystery Missionary Clues. It was the key to my success. I could spend hours before opening the suitcase.

On Saturday afternoon, well more into the evening, like 11 o’clock, I helped Ashley set up the replica of the land down under-Australia.

Sunday was the kick off and VBS started with an ice cream sundae party.

Monday was the longest day ever. I had to go into work to screen kindergartners. When I left home, I thought I would be finished by lunchtime. At 5:30, I was exhausted and ready to go home, when I noticed I had locked my keys in the car--- I had to wait for mom to bring me a spare set of keys. Needless to say, I arrived at church just in time to swallow my food whole and then dance the night away at VBS. After VBS, we had to completely clean the sanctuary for a funeral.

Tuesday I got up early to fix dressing, peas, & Mac and cheese for the family at the funeral. After lunch, several of us, worked diligently to recreate the Australian masterpiece in the sanctuary. We have the best church members any church could ask for :~). We thought we would take a quick dip in the pool before church, but as with most of summer afternoons we were rained out. So we only had a few minutes.

Wednesday was just as busy. Once again I had to work, this time planning our preplanning week for teachers. This was a GREAT meeting because we were able to clear a few days so I can go to the lake with my family for the first time in years. YEAH Charlee spent the day with her Aunt Margie and Katie and the kids went Meme’s. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, Charlee has been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Issues. Two days a week, we have a “play date”. She loves it and thinks it’s wonderful. Katie had friends over for a sleepover.

They were so funny. They played Barbie’s with Charlee, gave each other pedicures and laughed the night away. I wish I had pictures of the evening. I don’t know what was more hilarious the girls dressing Barbie or all three girls sitting on the side of the tub with mask on their faces and scrubs on their feet. My bathroom smelled like a beauty parlor.

Thursday was the BEST day of the week for me, but not for Charlee. Our youth went tubing down the Ichetucknee River. Each kid rented a huge inner tube, but after all the tubes were passed out we had one extra. We took the extra one for her. I tied Presley, Charlee, and the fish raft that was original brought for Charlee and my boat tighter with some hay string I found on the bank of the river. Being old and less invigorated by cold water, I tugged along the boat for myself. All the older grandkids made the trip with us. Due to my in laws recent kitchen and bath renovations we carried Charlee with us.

We stayed, surprising, together the entire journey, thank the Lord. I was just beginning to adapt to the frigid water when Charlee lend back to see the beauty of the sky when low and behold…… she flipped over. Without considering the near freezing temperatures of the water, I jumped into the water to rescue my child. Take note; I forget to leave my swimsuit cover and shoes on the shore. She was hanging on for dear life to the handles of her tube. I could see her wide eyes through the translucent tube. She may have been in the water less time than most bull riders hang on to a bucking bull. She never said a word nor did she cry….but she definitely made a grab for the boat instead of her tube. Katie noticing the commotion, immediately abandons her tube to help. Thank the Lord the water was shallow, but the current was like a raging river.
Once Charlee was safe again, I tried to position my larger than the hole body, on the tube. Needless to say, I looked like a whale perched on the tube. Katie tried diligently to help. The whole time the current is sucking our massive caravan down stream. Charlee is petrified that she is going to flip again. Finally, I made it atop my raft and then it was to secure Katie back on hers. She being the smartest one in the family “trespassed” on to some strangers dock and jumped back on her tube. We were headed happily back down stream when Charlee speaks her first word after the escapade “See, I told you, I shouldn’t have come”. Yes I should have known from my own past experiences, that a trip down the Ichetucknee is filled with adventure and moments of near death experiences. Example being, when I was a youth at PGBC, my mom hauled a group of wild hoodlum girls to float down the run. During our peaceful excursion we encountered a mom gator, which took it upon herself, to act as a river guide and float along with us. I encourage you to ask my mom about this, as it is much too lengthy and detailed for me to recall by myself.

We successfully made it to the mouth of Santa Fe and the end of the run, ultimately the conclusion of our journey on the watercourse. We then proceeded with our “15 minute” walk back to the put in spot. Unlike the state park, this private section did not offer a taxi ride. Remember I told you, I forgot to take off my cover up, now soaking wet, well mixed with gritty sand, a 40 minute walk along a pebble/ lime rock road toting a boat, a fish raft, two large tubes, and Charlee--- it was miserable.

However, I felt more sympatric for the Musens, a retired missionary couple in their 70’s. Oh, did I forget to mention the massive thunderclouds and rumbling thunder ---the lighting came later. When we finally made it back to the post, I hopped in the truck to retrieve the missionaries (maybe they’ll put a good word in for me). When I got back, everybody was loading up on the church bus. The youth pastor was afraid of the terrible storm that was quickly approaching. Since the kids waited 20 minutes for me that morning, I offered to stay behind to wait for the man to return for the tubes. He had explained earlier, that they had a problem with other people stealing the tubes. I chuckled to myself “yeah right” but I waited any way. Katie, in-between lightning and the heavy down pours, climbs in the back of truck to get everybody a drink. When Lacey comments “Aunt B that man just grabbed 2 tubes” I jumped out of the truck as though I was the Tube Police and bounced over to the truck load with wool boogers and asked for the tubes back. The smoking dude, (to clarify, not smoking hot good-looking), in the back said in a lame kind of way “I thought they were the parks and were free”. Uh…. that would be a negative. I was waiting the houchie in the front of the truck to jump me. Funny enough, he gave them back and they went down the road looking for more tubes to steal.

We returned home to prepare for the final night of VBS. After the commencement service, once again we tore the stage apart. Luckily for a church in Bell, they gathered’ the extravagant decoration for their exciting week. By the time I had made it home Charlee was asleep. I grabbed her to lay her in bed when I noticed she was burning up with fever. I woke her up and gave her some Motrin. The next morning, no fever. By lunch, burning up again. I called the pediatrician. We headed for the BIG town, with everybody in tow. While we were in the doctor’s office Katie and the kids hit the new and awesomely improved playground up town.

At first the doctor found nothing wrong but ironically decided to do a throat cultural--- you guessed it STREP. This broke my heart, Saturday was the annual Quincey Family reunion. I knew there was no way I would reunite with my dear loved ones.
However, Saturday night my wonderful dad picked off peanuts and mom invited us over for HOT BOILED PEANUTS. My southern roots were overflowing with joy.

Mom fixed us sausage sandwiches.

The evening ended with a magnificent view-

Out side of visiting with my parents, this is my most favorite things about mom and dad’s house. Even though Charlee was still a little under the weather, she had enough energy to swing at Meme’s.

It seems as though everyday of VBS was filled to capacity with adventure. Maybe next year’s VBS week will be just as much fun and eventfull.


  1. Holy Cow. I have a story about that dang river as well.... One of my month long stays at Annie's one summer, awesome Aunt Pam, who felt sorry for me b/c Annie went to school and I was super homesick, decided a nice float down the Itchetucknee would be grand. I was excited and so happy to be bonding with Aunt Pam (and just to be with her b/c she looks just like my mom and so she was my cure for homesickness!). But, as we're floating along in our tubes, a HUGE water spider, hairy and everything (I've got goosebumps as I type), comes crawling, nay, RUNNING right to me. I freaked out of course, flipped my tube, so now i'm in the water WITH the spider! Aunt Pam of course rescued me and shoo-ed the spider away, but I am forever scarred. I hope charlee won't be scarred by her experience too! It makes for good memories... :)

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy week! A good week...but a busy one! Looks like lots of fun! Hope this week is just as good!

  3. I LOVE VBS!!

    So much fun and so little time to squeeze it all in!

  4. Love VBS, Itchenutuckknee (spelling?) Springs, & Uncle Frank's boiled peanuts! The story about Charlee flipping her float is too funny. I love that she "told you she shouldnt have come!"...
    I think anyone who's floated down that thing has a story! I remember floating down with Aunt Clara Nell one time (with Abby & Tony, & I think Marti was with us, too) and I got caught up on a limb and a snake was on it!!!! Then another time when I was with my mom a mullet jumped up and hit me in the face!!! Always a story!! :)
    I LOVE the last picture of Charlee standing in the swing at your mom & dad's! LOVE it!!!


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