Saturday, September 5, 2009

Victims of the Hard Economy

This past summer, my husband labored intensely the week we were at youth camp to pack our freezer with peas from the garden. He picked, shelled, cooked and then sealed the delicious peas in Ziplocs. Needless say our freezer was packed to the brim. We had well over 120 bags. I had also put up close to 30 bags myself earlier in the summer.

This past week, we had a beef butchered because of the unfortunate death of a cow in the cow pens. My mother-in-law went to the market to pick the meat up and then headed home. When she arrived home, she immediately went to the chest freezer to put the meat away. When she noticed the unthinkable more like unforgivable…… Most of our peas were GONE ….Yes, I said GONE. Someone had stolen all but about 30 bags of our peas. Thank the Lord, my cream corn is still at mom and dad.:~) Being quite alarmed and puzzled, Steven calls me at school to question the missing peas…as though I had, in 2 months, cooked 100 bags of peas. I know we have a lot of dinner on the grounds at church but definitely not that many.
We have yet to solve our mystery, but I am praying not that the person that stole my peas not choke on them, but that they may survive these hard economic times. If any of you know anything about me (and my dad), you know that we would give the shirt off our back to anybody that has a need. I am not an economist, but I undoubtedly know that money, jobs and security are and going to be a thing of the past. I have told myself over and over, that the day would come when we would be burglarized….only I thought it would be our home not our freezer and they would take something of great value, not steal the efforts of my (our) hard labor and food.

I have already informed my dad to plant a few extra rows of fall peas for me. This is just another “good excuse” to spend time at mom and dad’s. As with any canning season, I am sure an adventure awaits….and hopefully no more PEA Thieves will invade our freezers.


  1. No way. That's just crazy...
    we had a "pea thief" one time, too--- (Its been 3 or 4 years ago) Devin and I had planted our own little garden, and we'd picked 3 buckets of peas that I took over to Granny's house one day. I was taking her to a dr. appt, and then we were going to shell peas. When we got back to her house, someone had come up and taken them and our buckets off her porch! Devin still gets sick about it! Ha... I cant imagine how ill he'd be if they had taken them after we'd grown, picked, and shelled them! Of course, we're with you, on the "if somebody NEEDS it, then come get it"... but it's still aggervating to have something be taken from you... ESPECIALLY when you'd have GIVEN them to someone... anyway... glad yall have some left---peas are hard to come by! :)

  2. Okay, seriously I am laughing my tail off here. It is not like the freezers are in plain view or easy to get to. At the same time I am a little sad. If someone is that hungry we have a food pantry and could really help them out. You had better but a lock on that freezer fast!

  3. Amazing! But then I guess they knew you had the good stuff stashed in your freezer!

    I'm just glad you didn't have all of that meat in there - that would have been a huge $$ loss!

  4. Thank goodness they did not get in your house and steal any of your personal items. It's so sad that someone would be so starved for food that they would steal from someone's freezer, but I'm with you, if you need food just ask, I'd give it to you in a second!


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