Friday, March 20, 2009

We Going to the Fair

It seem like lately all we do is load cows and head to a show. This weekend is the Heifer Show at the fair. So if you feel the need to feed the thrill …then put on your “cowboy” boots and meander on down to the river.
Katie will be showing 2 heifers. Polly is a calf we purchased last September from EXPRESS Ranches in Yukon, Oklahoma. (Steven is their Rep here, so if you need a black bull let us know). Mr. Funk ,the owner has a wonderful scholarship program for kids …so we are hoping she will strike it big with her. The other heifer, Joy, is a bred and owned calf, meaning the calf was born here on the farm from one of Katie’s prior show heifers. She is a well structured calf and has already one a big award last weekend, but that’s another post. We had a big weekend at the Junior Angus Show but I need pictures to tell the story.

So any way and any who…. here is the schedule for the fair.

March 21---Saturday- 5:00 pm Heifer show, Showmanship to follow the show

March 28, Saturday—5:00 pm Steer Showmanship

March 31---Tuesday—1:30 pm Market Steer Show.

April 1---Wednesday- 9:30 SALE

Check out the journal this week for a more in depth calendar of events.

If you’re feeling like a spring chicken—on Sunday they are having an alumni showmanship contest. Guess who will not embarrass themselves. I can talk the talk and walk the walk…but I can’t show the show cow. HA HA HA
We keep homemade goodies and snacks at the tent so mosey on by and sit for a spell and chat with us, we’d love the company.

Hope to see all you folks at the fair.


  1. Now I cannot believe you arent going to participate in the alumni show.... :) Hopefully we'll get to the fair sometime next week (Belle HAS to experience it)and see everyone!! Tell Charlee to watch the mailbox, we mailed her something today! And tell Katie I good Luck tomorrow with her heifers...


    Actually, I thought you could show and I'd groom.

  3. I cannot believe Katie is that big! I remember playing hide and seek with her at your mom's house when she (and me) were so tiny! She looks like Annie in those pictures showing her cows all those days ago! ha. :)

  4. Congrats! Congrats to Katie for winning senior showmanship. I'm so proud of her! Please tell her that the picture of her that mom took for the paper is awfully cute! Look out, boys!

  5. Hey Kimberly..that makes me tired reading all that..ha how you all do it I'll never know. BTW I just changed my blog (I think) to private and since I follow you and vice versa I don't know if you need an 'invite' or not to post on mine. If you do my email is Thanks!!


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