Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why I love Mondays

I love Mondays.....Well..... not really I love Monday Nights. Like most of my dad’s family, we are not early morning folks. We like to lie in bed as long as humanly possible. This is most evident on Mondays. However, the morning is worth the night.

Several years ago, my precious Uncle Jack was fighting an unmerciful battle with cancer. To offer relieve to his family, my sister and I offered to cook for them one night a week. To begin with we cooked on Thursday nights. He only missed two meals at the house. We would prepare the meals at Mom and Dad’s, around supper time, they would drive out to the farm. The farm was one of Uncle Jack’s favorite places. Maybe it is because of similarity and closeness of his and daddy’s family farm which is just across the fields. He loved to see the watermelons growing, the grass turning green, new calves prancing and playing, the sunsets, feeling breeze on the porch while he swung or perhaps it was just spending time with his best friend—my dad.

Even though Uncle Jack passed away a couple of years ago, we have kept up the tradition only it has moved to Monday nights. Occasionally, Uncle Jack’s sweet wife joins us. She enjoys the rowdy company and tons of conversions, usually going on at one time. We absolutely love to entertain at mom and dads. So any Monday, you are in the neighborhood stop by…I am sure we’ll have plenty. We love sharing stories and a meal with friends and family.
Spring time meals are the best. I love all the garden fresh vegetables. However, be care full not to eat too many. My long time best friend's EX had a few too many fresh veggies and needless to say they stopped at several undesignated rest stops between here and Belleview. HAHAHAHAHAHA...

Katie has piano lesson on Monday afternoons . While she is at piano. Angela and I cook. I think Quin will be our next piano player.

My oldest brother Kelley and his wife Melanie enjoying the Monday feast.

Katie and Tyler love to pick and play with Uncle Zane. He is usually the pun of their jokes. He just laughs and takes it all with stride. ( PS He needs a good woman if any of you know anyone)

As you can see, Monday nights are a barrel of fun. This is a great family tradition that I hope continues for a long time. Stop by ... Supper is on the stove. And laughter and good times are waiting for you in the dining room. I'll almost bet you that my bunch will be in the middle of some sort of adventure.


  1. Looks like such wonderful family time making memories!! I just might pop in one night:)

  2. My mouth is watering right now thinking about all those fresh vegetables! Yummy. If only I worked on Mondays, I would pay y'all a visit.

    We have Mizell family dinners every Tuesday night at Adam's grandparents. It's usually about 25 people. Its nuts!! But the food is good :)

  3. we are coming down in June so set us a place setting....for Me Beau and Garrett!!!

  4. We're still coming... I promise... One day... :)

  5. I love your mom. She always called me "shoogy"....while everyone else called me "shookie". I love it! And I love family dinner nights. :)


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