Friday, May 1, 2009

Read a Book. Who Me?

Last week while mom was having knee replacement surgery, Angela and I ran to the book store so I could get a book (duh) to read while I stayed with mom. I am not much of a reader. I have so much required professional reading with my job that I seldom pick a up book that requires much thought process. I happened to notice on one of the display table several religious books, when my eyes spotted my favorite TV family--- the Gosselin Family.

I immediately grabbed it up as though it was the last one in town. As soon as we arrived back at the waiting area I started reading --- I could not put the dang thing down. I read how Jon and Kate met. I was engrossed as I read about their difficulties conceiving and the joys of raising a set of twins and later on sextuplets. The most amazing aspect is the praise they give to God for what he has done, is doing and going to do for the Gosselin Family. Kate gives countless accounts of how their faith in GOD pulled them through. She told how what seemed to be the bleakest points, blessings would overflow.

Needless to say, the book was a life preserver during the long stays at the hospital last week. In numerous ways, I found that Kate and I could be best friends. I think, if you read Multiple Blessings, you too will see things about her that will make you appreciate and love her. Personally I wish she lived next door.
If you have some spare time, pick one up. It’s an easy read—you will be blessed. I know I was.

Oh, by the way, I have a couple who I’d like for you to pray for. I don’t want to publicize their names but the Lord knows them. She and her husband have had difficulty conceiving. I told the would-be grandma after reading Multiple Blessings, I was praying they’d have quadruplets one for each grandparent, one for mom, and one for dad. Then everyday at 4, I would be there for afternoon feedings and diaper changes. Grandma laughed, but I didn’t. I know the power of PRAYER.
Seriously though, twins would be nice, but if you don’t mind lift this couple up. They would be outstanding Christian parents and have a whole world to offer a child.


  1. I may have to check this family out for myself. Today’s finest grocery store literature painted a different picture of John. The fine tabloid headline read “John slips off his ring off for a night out with another woman”. You immediately came to my mind and the whole Marsha stealing your book incident.

    I will be praying. If the couple is who is coming to my mind …. I to will gladly help with diaper changes, feedings, baths, whatever!

  2. Now you know I'll read a book. But I wasn't stealing the thing. Kimberly said I had to read it and when she left it on the counter, I just picked it up to read over the break. But I read "THE SHACK" It is great. I have it if someone would like to borrow.


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