Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zoom Zoom Zune

The best part of Christmas break is the ability to stay in my pajamas all day long. For me that would be a t-shirt and boxers or jogging pants. I was cleaning the same bedroom I have for 3 days (I’ve spent too much time on facebook instead of cleaned).
When I heard what sounded like a truck mud bogging and hitting another gear outisde. I tried to look out the window to see what was making such a commotion in my yard. But the only thing I could see was dust rising from the dry dirt lane…but no visible signs of anybody. So I poked my head out the front door to see who had driven up .When low and behold the UPS man was right there at the end of the sidewalk. It was nearly impossible to slam the door, run to the bedroom, search for a bra and return to the porch as though nothing had happened. No I had to face the not so ugly UPS man---braless.

I tried to make small talk, all the while hoping, that he doesn’t notice my embarrassment. He reaches out and hands me the small 1 pound package. Most special deliveries are Steven’s. But today the package was mine. So of course, I, like an idiot made a big deal about getting mail. The nice UPS man asked where the package was from. I stuttered around--- Ex-pleasure---some man named Mitch Lebnick….then I kind of started to think oh my …I’ve got dirty mail. Mr. UPS says “you might better open it before Steven comes home”. I laugh and wave good bye. Quiet surprised, like a little kid on Christmas, I immediately rushed in to open the package. The first thing I noticed was a slick black box.
I am really wondering what I had and if I should continue to open it in front of Charlee.

Then I notice the symbol from a promotion sponsored by FORD—Drive One 4 UR School.

Back in November, the high school was participating in a fundraiser sponsored by FORD, if you test drove a vehicle then they would donate some money to the high school. I debated on whether or not to do it, when I said what the heck. I had one of Katie’s best friends to join in on my adventure. We choose an expedition and a really cute salesman picked us. We jumped in the car and buckled up. I asked some questions to act as though, this Chevrolet Loving Girl might be interested. I tried to make connections with the young man by inventorying who I knew and who he knew. It just so happens that his sister is engaged to my cousin’s son. He directed me to follow the signs that mapped our course. I asked if we had to follow the path or could we go on our own escapade. He chuckled and said go where you want. We made the loop around millionaire square, when I inquired if the vehicle had the potential to go from 0 to 60 in 6. Once again he chuckled and said I don’t know, see. I thought he would croak when I slammed it to the floor. He laughed and wanted us to take another loop….needless to say he hated to see us leave. When we returned to the school parking lot, Mr. Wilbur was waiting his turn. I can only imagine that he did not provide as much as excitement as Danyal and me.

Back to the real story, I pealed open the paper to read the words….

Congratulations for your participation in the Drive One 4 UR School program, you have been selected as the winner of a Microsoft Zune portable music player. This Zune is an 8GB Black model ….holds up to 2,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 25 hours of video.

Whoopee ….I never win anything. Pretty excited about the contents of my 1 pound box, I thought hot dog---Charlee now has her on mp3 player and she won’t mess up Katie’s. I knew the true value of my winnings due to Christmas shopping.

Just last week we looked at an ipod for Katie. She, of course, wanted the ipod Touch. Hoping we could find a cheaper similar thing...I noticed the Zune. So I had a pretty good understanding as to what I had actually won.

Not being able to afford the one she wanted we called around trying to find out who sold iPods the cheapest. During a conversation with Tyler he bargained with us to buy his ipod. It was a graduation gift and he wanted to upgrade to the 300 dollar one ---not sure why….but we snagged up his barely used iPod Touch for Katie.

Steven and I made several comments about this being one of the BEST Christmases she has had. On Christmas morning she opened her gifts—a pair of boots that did not fit, pajamas, jeans, and stocking goodies. She looked a little disappointed. After breakfast we headed across the yard for Christmas with the Hines. Once again she opened some not so “out of the ordinary” gifts. When around the corner Grandpa appeared strumming a guitar. Joy filled her soul. For years she has wanted a guitar.

Long story about the guitar –here’s the short version ---dude in the mountains is selling tools, G-pa notice guitar, inquires, man explains belonged to son, he OD-ed and died, guitar was given to him by grandmother, was her’s, special to him but since he is buying for granddaughter--sold. Tyler says it smells like weed--- great.
Katie is a little more invigorated by her gifts. The afternoon passes I realize I lost a gift…she goes to the trunk and finds her American Eagle bag….Ok things are looking up.

We go to mom and dad’s for Christmas. Tyler brings out the tiny wrapped gift and says here’s one of your gifts that was left in my bags…..Katie is thrilled and Charlee can not keep her hands off of it and wonders why she can’t have her own ipod touch???? She likes to hear the Gator game song—“I gotta a feeling…. tonight’s going to be a good, good night”

My plans are to see if Wal-mart or Sears will exchange it and upgrade for a newer iPod for Katie. Then Charlee and I would share the other one…


  1. wow! I never win anything! A Zune? That's awesome!

  2. That is huge! I'm so jealous. Congrats!

    I know just which UPS man you are speaking of and let me just say, I too would be plum shamed if he busted me with no bra on, but it's very likely to happy any ol day (:


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