Tuesday, February 10, 2009

26 pair of underwear

Many of you know Katie shows Black Angus Heifers. Undoubtedly, our family’s favorite show is the State Fair. My mom and dad usually tag along to help me with Charlee. This year, we left on Wednesday. Katie and Steven got up earlyand head out for the fair, I hate getting up in the mornings so after lunch thelate risers traveled south to join the show team. However, Charlee woke up raring to go. She was so excited she grabbed the first suitcase she could find and diligently packed the clothes she would need for our four day venture. The contents of her bag- 2 pair of jeans, 1 shirt, 1 pair of socks and 26 pair of underwear. That’s right 26 pair of underwear.

This was Katie’s 5th year showing at the fair. We have a group of friends that we show with- the Jones’, Smith’s, Beauchamp’s and a friend of Katie’s from school – the Harrison’s. Our group can be found joking, encouraging one another, swapping stories- some of which are partially true ;~), and my favorite part--eating.

Katie won 5 blue ribbons, division Reserve grand champion with her bull and first place in the 16 year old showmanship division. I have joked that if Katie was 60 the judge would have asked her out on a date…needless to say he was very impressed with Katie’s attitude in the show ring. After the show he congratulated us on her. The bull in the pictures is an offspring of her first heifer KIT. Last year we took the bull with Kit as a cow calf pair.

Here’s our adventure at the fair---

We love to eat the fresh strawberry shortcake - we eat try to eat at least two a day. The stand is half way across the fair grounds. We walk about a mile to get this particular one. We think it is the best and well worth the trip.

This year, "The Cracker Johnson Bunch" came to the fair for the first time. Angela commented that all “we do is eat” I beg to differ. We do other things ---Katie and Steven groom and feed cows and scoop poop. Sometimes little sis jumps in and helps with assistance from Ms. Marsha.

Saturday, the last day, offers a little free time for Katie to visit with her show friends. The previous days are hectic but tons of fun and excitement.

I told someone Steven just thinks his days are tiresome ….I’d like for him to spend a day in my shoes – Clara Nell wants to BUY everything, Charlee WHINES about everything and Frank, he’s the biggest kid of all – he drags behind wanting to SEE everything.

One evening after our shortcake journey, we decide to take a different route back to the barn. When what to dad’s wondering eyes should he spot ...but a seal show. He was totally intrigue by the splishing and splashing of the seals. So we stopped for him to watch the wet comedy show. One sneaky seal was behind the net tring to escape. He put on a side show just for the few spectators that remained. Dad chuckled and commented about their personalities . Mom and I went to walk away only to find that dad had only moved to a spot where he could get a better view. I asked Dad if he wanted his picture taken with the silly creatures…NO, NO …well if Charlee did he hesitated …Needless to say she wasn’t as impressed as PAPA. So I convinced him ...Yeah Charlee would love to have her picture taken with the seals. So we got in line to get a picture. I’m not sure who’s happier Dad or the seals… I definitely know it wasn’t Charlee.

After we watch the cow shows and we stroll around looking for something to eat. Steven, Dad, Charlee and myself had a delicous ear of corn...while Mom looked for something a little more appetizing . I think she came back with a corn dog. I think I could have find something better.

Okay I have to admit we like to eat.

We absolutely love Cracker Country. We spend hours upon hours watching syrup being made, biscuits cooked over open fire, asking questions about the smoke house, smelling lye soap and eating kettle corn.
Every year I take a picture of the girls in this salt vat.

By the end of the week not only are the cows exhausted but we are too.

The best part of any trip is going home. Maybe next year you can join our adventure. Don' t forget to pack your clean undies for the trip.


  1. I am laughing so hard right now.
    First off, what in the world is Charlee doing with 26 pair of panties?? PLEASE tell me that was an exaggeration...if not, then you need to throw some of them away, and do laundry more often!! :) Might free up some of your saturdays... ha ha...
    Next, the picture of Uncle Frank with the seal is amazing. Its totally hilarious. I love it.
    And it makes me want to come spend a day at the fair with Uncle Frank, Aunt Clara Nell, you and the rest of the gang! YOU make ANYTHING an adventure!
    LOVE YOU!!!
    ps. Loving Aunt Clara Nell's blue visor...too funny.

  2. I have had to pick myself up off the floor over your daddy and those seals! What the heck?! I totally think that picture of all of y'all down at the fair with the seals needs to be Frank and Clara Nell's Christmas card for '09. At the very least we could run it in the Journal....what a hoot! Y'all crack me up. It sounds just like my mom's family! Those Beauchamps are a pretty colorful bunch as well.

  3. I read this at work (where I'm not supposed to be online for personal endeavors) and almost got myself busted from laughing so hard! 26 pairs?!? Are you kidding me?!? That's hilarious, girl didn't want to get caught without a clean pair of undies for sure!! Sounds like ya'll had a great time!

  4. My favorite Fair food is the huge cinnamin rolls and the kettle corn!! I haven't been in so long. Congrats to Katie, she did great. I don't think I own 26 pairs of underwear! At least Charlee is prepared :)

  5. Ok Kimberly I have laughed so hard reading this I am sick!!!! I don't know that I OWN 26 pairs of underwear and sad to say, probably the ones I do own are 26 years old.hahahaha GREAT post...Loved hearing about what all of you all got to do..what such great memories!!!!


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