Saturday, February 21, 2009

Belated Valentine Blessings

Bear with me through this post... I have been working on it for over a week and can't get the wording correct...but you will get the gist.

“I have learned to be content with whatever the circumstance” Philippians 4:11

There was a time in my life when I thought I need more. I am not exactly sure what I need more of but I needed more. But as I grow older and stronger in my faith, I know that whatever I have or whoever I am is only because of Christ.

Our former preacher’s wife Angela sings a song that each and every time I hear it I sob …I’m talking uncontrollable weeping. When I hear it I reflect on the blessings that I have in my life are gifts form God.

Here are some from the lyrics to the song:

The things that I love and hold dear to my heart are just borrowed,
They’re not mine at all,
Jesus let me borrow them to brighten my life
So remind me, remind me, Dear Lord
Roll back the curtains of memory now and then
Show me where you brought me from and
Where I could I have been
Remember I’m human and humans forget
So remind me remind me again.

With that being said here’s a list of some of my random Valentine Blessings

1. A heavy heart and strong conscious because the Holy Spirit is directing my life.
2. My husband’s picking and poking. Proves he loves me without words.
3. The girls when they argue with one another. I know my children are learning to fight for what they believe in and that no means no.
4. Mom and Dad’s invites during the middle of the week, let’s me know that my family still enjoys fellowshipping together.
5. Early morning calls from my father in law- Mr. Robert, confirms we did not die in the night from a gas leak.
6. Ms. Annette, my mother in law inspecting clutter and offering organizing tips because she wants to help make my life easier and less stressed.
7. Prayer request from my church family – demonstrates that we believe in the power of prayer.
8. Rushed 30 minute lunch – reveals that friendships can be maintained in minutes.
9. Floors that needed vacuumed and mopped that means I have a place to call home ( it may not be much but at least it’s not a card board box)
10. An almost empty gas tank- is a sign that we have traveled nearly 400 miles with safety. The ability to fill it up proves that my credit card isn’t maxed out yet.
11. Paper work, books to read and emails to answer implies that I have been blessed with a job.
12. The phone that rings when my hands are wet or I’m in the bathroom lets me know that I have brothers, a sister and friends that care.
13. The shower dripping or leaking proves that we have running water ( however, Steven fixed it this weekend)
14. An unmade bed reveals that I had a cozy place to lay me head the night before.
15. Dirty dishes to wash shows that my family has food on the table.
16. Electricity bill because I have lights, heater and air conditioning
17. Basket full of clothes that need to be fold – portrays I have clothes on my back.
18. Sunday School students that need to be quieted. Who love to come to church and learn about Jesus.
19. Hairy legs –I have been blessed with legs
20. Student loan bills – I have had the opportunity to go to school.

The list could go on and on… but you get the picture God has blessed me in little and big ways.

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  1. Boy that one really made me take a step back and ask God for forgiveness. I try to be thankful for things but when I am folding 6 loads of laundry..I am normally not thanking God for them..this post made me think I better start :) Just yesterday Charlie had to have his truck worked on..the bill? $660...I had only held out $400 from income tax for it...I wasn't 'thanking' God that we could 'charge' the rest of it..I bet I do now..ha Plus I will thank him that it is a '95 and Charlie figured up we have only put around $1300 in that truck...God surely does bless us..we just need to see it more! Thanks!!!


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