Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I hate Saturdays

If I ever make it big.... I will have someone to wash my clothes (and put them away).
Let me break it down for you:
2 loads of Steven's Farm clothes
1 load of Kimberly and Charlee's everyday wear
1 load of whites
2 loads of towels
1load of good delicate lights
1 load of dark delicates
1 load of sheets
1 load of Charlee's bed sheets for school.
and that's doesn't include Katie's.
YES that is 10 loads of clothes that I wash and try to fold on Saturdays. Lord help me if I have a headache or need (want) to go somewhere... I have considered hiring someone just to do the LAUNDRY.
Is anyone interested?????

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  1. I will be the first to say NO, NO and NO! I have seen this massive laundry mountain with my own two eyes and am not interested. The best trick I have learned in to wash small loads during the week. I throw one in before going to bed and throw it in they dryer while getting ready or before going to church on Wednesday night. I know that will firt right in to your buys life... huh?


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