Monday, April 27, 2009

Cowboys and Carpenter

The last couple of weeks, the Hines Cattle Company men weren’t only busy working cows but also re-roofing my in- law’s house. My brother Zane asked me how they knew how to build things, did somebody have training? My reply was they were just a very talented bunch of men. It truly amazes me that there is almost nothing these men can’t do. I guess this intrigued him because my family has trouble changing out a sink faucet. My dad and brothers are outstanding farmers but definitely not handymen. My dad grows the most beautiful and tastiest field of watermelons. And his garden is so bountiful that he offers his garden to several families at his church, not to mention me :~). During the summer, occasionally his vegetables are served at Wednesday night suppers at his church (about 200 folks). He is the best dirt farmer I know.

Back to the Hines men….they worked cows from daylight to dark—7 days straight, taking only Sunday off to worship and rest. Even then, Steven had some loose ends to tie up. This week they are putting a new roof on one of the other houses in the family. Personally, I think since they are in the building mood..... they should start me a house. Don’t you agree?

Steven had asked me to take some candid shots in the cow pens, but I didn’t get home in time to catch the cowboys in cowboy action. We regret that we did not take more pictures in the past. As many of you have experienced, we are not promised tomorrow with our loved ones and friends. Unfortunately almost 5 years ago, our smiling cowboy and his wife were taken from us in a tragic car accident in which a drunk driver hit them. Since then, I try to take more pictures of the men (and my daddy) around the farms. Here are a few pictures of the cowboys turned carpenters.

After previewing these pictures, I notice that only a few men are working and a few men are directing. Maybe if everybody worked, then they would have finished a little sooner. That's the difference in women -- everybody works so we can get to visiting and enjoying the company. Seriously, the men are very hard workers.


  1. Marsha' trial run. Testing 1....2....3

  2. it that you have such a handyman! My Daddy has ALWAYS been a "Jack(ie)-of-all-trades"...he can do ANYTHING, for real. Devin certainly tries and he's getting pretty good, but nobody's as good as my Dad... :) Also love that you take pics on the farm. I think that's so important! I told my father-in-law a while back that next year when Belle is bigger, I want to go with them to work cows one day, just so I can take pics of all of them!
    Hope Aunt Clara Nell's knee is doing good and she's being a good patient for you! :)

  3. What great pictures! I agree need to get those men to build y'all a house. Once you figure out how to make that happen, shoot me some directions up here because I would SURE love a newly built home in Gilchrist County. Who am I kidding, I'd live in a dog house if it were near Trenton (:

    I know what you mean about the working and the directing. J works and directs my daddy on how to do things at the same time. Now thats talent!

  4. I will vouch for those guys. They are some pretty talented fellas. Most all of contributed in some way to our house. I think Brandon may regret that I know just how handy he is…. it leads to those pesky D.I.Y. projects.


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