Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Times in Cowtown for Kate

I am beginning to wonder if Katie needs a personal manager. This past week she was at the FFA Convention. To Katie’s surprise, she took home the BIG prize of State Winner in the area of Beef Production Entrepreneurship, plus a little cash.

Which means another trip will be scheduled on her agenda. Hopefully with some help, from an expert in FFA Proficiencies, she might stand a chance of winning nationally. One of the Judges, offered to help us prefect her application.

Typically they only allow older kids to win, due to the stiff competition higher up, but he felt as though her project has the potential to win-or a least be in the top 5.

Katie owes a BIG thank you to Ms. Marsha Cook for her talent in vivid descriptive writing, her dad for the money and knowledge to help develop her project.

Next week she leaves for the Cattlemen’s Convention, where she will work in the Angus booth sporting her tiara and sash. She’ll enjoy fame, the beautiful beaches, while dancing the nights away. Did I forget to mention, maybe she’ll meet some cute cowboys? What more could a country girl ask for? Sounds like a cowgirls dream. She will travel with my sister and her family.

Katie returns home on Friday and leaves again for youth camp on Saturday. However this road trip mom will be in tow. This will be the first youth camp I have been to in 15-20 years. I am very excited but would like to solicit any prayers that you may want to offer for our kids. A lot of the youth going with us are not Christian nor do they come from families that support them spiritual. I will have to say they are awesome kids and every time I am with them, I am blessed beyond means. I will be leading the middle school youth for our daily church discussion and Bible study. The theme is FLIP meaning that when we accept Christ, we should flip /change from our old self. There will be about 35 people going. Specifically pray for wisdom for the adults, pray for positive attitudes (everybody) safety traveling, that the HOLY SPIRIT will move in a massive way and that lives will ultimately be changed for eternity.

I hope July is not quite as hectic….

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