Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh goodness, Sakes alive--- Charlee's Five

Happy, Happy Happy birthday,

I can't believe my Charlee is five,

She is growing a tiny bit each and every day

like a pumpkin on the vine.

Now that she's five,

No longer a cuddly little baby (lol)

But a precious little girl

That has a lot to see in this big world.

Unfortunately, we were unable to have big celebration today. Steven flew out to Nebraska early this morning and I returned from youth church camp that was at Orange Beach, Alabama. Thank goodness, when Aunt Annie brought her to the church to meet us, she was able to celebrate with leftover cupcakes from Wednesday night supper (thanks Michelle D.) She enjoyed thecupcake and as we sang "Happy Birthday" she looked at us as though we had lost our minds. I am hoping, we can have a blast of a party on the Fourth.


  1. Awwww she's five! Caroline and Charlee are only 4 months apart-her bday was Feb 21st. Time flies doesnt it?

  2. Here's something for Charlee because I know she reads the blog:)
    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear sweet Charlee! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Charlee!!! You should get your mama to let you stay up late since it's your birthday! Ha Ha (:

  4. That is so hard to believe...what a beautiful little girl she is!! you are so blessed:)

  5. Gosh, where has 5 year went. Before you know it they will be 13 and 15. Oh, my lord, we will be in trouble!


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