Monday, January 26, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Have you watched the movie Beauty and the Beast lately? Well when Katie and Tyler were toddlers we watched it all the time …to the point of memorization. It is an absolutely magical movie and reminds me of my own Katie Grace in many different ways.

Katie –The Beauty
Over the last few months, I have watched Katie turn from a Beauty Queen to Weightlifting Beast literally before my eyes. In October, Katie was nominated as the Junior Class Homecoming Attendant. The weeks before homecoming were filled with all sorts of shopping trips searching for the most stunning dress possible. If I must say we completed our mission. We had planned every minute detail (so we thought).

The first part of the week went off with out a hitch--- because all the excitement with Homecoming activities happens at the end of the week -duh. The unfortunate part was I had had surgery the week before and had a 6-7 inch incision in my groin area and was under strict doctor’s orders to not be out and about –yeah right, who listens to their doctors anyway. So lucky for me, I have great friends that said they had it covered, don’t worry about a thing and I didn’t. Patsy lined up the cars for the parade and the field. Lori did all the running and getting Katie where she was suppose, more importantly stepped in and acted as a mother/personal assistant to Katie. Marsha made the extravagant signs for the car. Ms. Nancy and Michelle along with all the TES staff hollered and whistled at the parade. I’m sure a lot of other people did things but I was on good medication and didn’t really know what was going on. The Tiger Growl was great Katie was able to wear her cheerleading uniform and cheer/dance for the mighty Tigers.

The parade was wild. This is where the adventure began. Besides Patsy arranging a car, Katie’s dad had also lined up a car. I guess he felt the need to get involved in the events. He had talked with Charlie Cox and prearranged to use his antique Stingray Corvette. Steven’s best friend Robert went to pick up the car only to find that Charlie went on vacation and forget to leave the keys. Robert searched high and low for the perfect car for Katie. Robert found this awesome convertible truck. That he borrowed from his Captain at the fire department Did I fail to mention all of this happened on the morning of the parade. Yeah I know… it was a Chevy, tough looking and low - n- behold it matched Katie’s dress. Talk about luck.

After the parade we had limited time to get ready before the evening festivities. We had to take one of my Grandma Flossie’s famous PTA baths. I’ll let you figure out what that stands for. It’s amazing that Katie looked absolutely beautiful that night. But thanks to Dara Wright she transformed Katie into Homecoming Beauty. Katie being Katie picked out a cheap dress to save money. She is always thinking of others. After my post doctors visit Clara Nell and I decide to go back to the Dillard’s and buy the original dress Katie loved. I am glad we did. She was undoubtedly the prettiest one. But I wouldn’t be partial.

You remember the trouble with the car…before Steven had gotten involved we had planned on using one of Shelia Clark’s unique rides. Thank the Lord for Ms. Shelia, we were able to use her brand new, barely 24 hours old convertible --- and it matched Katie’s dress.

I think people may have thought she was vain but we see it as blessed.
As soon as the Half time fluff was over Katie quickly changed into her cheerleading uniform minus her own bloomers. Apparently, she really wanted to cheer. She put on the bloomers Lacey had worn all day--yuck. Personally I wouldn’t wear nobody’s and I
mean nobody’s drawers. (Annie I know you are agreeing with me).
The entire evening was truly magical. It was all Katie thought the evening should be.

Katie- the Beast
If you haven’t heard----Katie is on the THS Girl’s Weightlifting Team. She is undefeated as well as the team for 4 years straight.
She absolutely loves being a part of the team. However, we struggle with Steven’s stories of being the STATE CHAMP … Katie and I snicker and roll our eyes. He asks Kate almost everyday “did you tell your coach I was a state champ”…hello that was 20 something years ago. Here are some pictures of Katie lifting wei
She can bench 140 plus more if she needs to. She never grunts or makes faces. The judges always try to get her to lift more but why should she … she’s already one of the strongest girls on the team. In the clean and jerk division, Katie can lift around a 105 pounds.
She is as strong as an ox and prettier than a picture.


  1. I feel very old as I sit here and look and how much Katie has grown since I came in to the picture 8 years ago. It is amazing to see what a beautiful, sweet and loving daughter she is. I have a feeling that we won't be so fortunate with the two following behind her.

    ** I wasn't menitoned above, but those signs were only sparkly due to my glittering expertise. (all is forgiven... I did it for Katie.... not the glory)

  2. Oh my goodness Kimberly...did she take your breath away or what?????????????? I mean she is just stunning..but what makes her more pretty than the dress, the make up..the her insides...that child has a beautiful gift from God to put others before herself and shows it every day with her actions....way to go looked like a princess!!!! I posted whitney's homecoming stuff on my blog'll have to go back and check it out when you have time. Love ya ang

  3. Break my heart! Katie is grown...and just as precious now as she was when she was a tiny toddler walking on her tip toes! Time flies...She has always been SO special.


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