Monday, January 12, 2009

Homework, Oh Homework

We just returned from Katie’s Football Banquet. And now we have English homework to try to finish. I am having a hard time remembering the grammar rules from my days of teaching sixth grade Languages Arts. I am sure that only Carrie would know and implement these rules properly. For instance, in this sentence what part of speech is WELL---Don’t you think that everyone on the team played well?

By the time anyone could or would respond the paper will be graded and more than likely it will be marked “WRONG”. Katie went with adverb since it tells how the team played. I agree.

I would import a picture from the banquet but the picture I took looked more like a line dance move (Electric Slide) than a reception of an award. Plus Charlee forget to turn the camera off --- and the new batteries I bought 3minutes before the banquet are now completely useless. This stuff only happens to me I swear.

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  1. That sounds exactly like my luck when it comes to batteries.. :)


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