Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marsha Cook: The Smartest Person I Know

I have stumbled across some fairly intelligent folks in my life. For instance; my friend Kathy graduated Summa Cum Laude. I graduated Thank the Laude. My husband is an unbelievable mathematician he always knows exactly how much money I have spent without opening my VISA bill. Rachael, a student I taught in third grade could read 8 syllable words with out sounding them out. I am not really sure what sound “x” makes--- I never learned phonics. Rick Reed use gargantuan words to describe everyday occurrence. When I try to mimic him I can’t even use spell check to find the words. But Marsha Cook takes the prize. She is the smartest person I know.

Occasionally, I would rather ignore a matter rather than actually do something to solve the problem. Point in case…for the last 4 ½ years Charlee has slept in our bed. Some nights, Steven can be found snuggled up on the couch instead of with his wonderful wife because Rooty Tooty Hines has twisted his hair too tight, or has him dangling off the edge of the bed or she has taken coverage under his rib cage . Notice I said Steven goes to the couch, I personally can sleep through a hurricane…..I have had plenty of practice. At lunch, I have mentioned to the YaYas that Charlee will not sleep in her on bed. Patsy offers no help, because her kids slept with her and David. Lori and Ms. Minnie apparently had great sleepers. But Marsha on the other hand had Adam. Her trick to get Adam to take Sunday afternoon naps was to give him books on tape. I thought to myself this will never work with Charlee because she has to have hair to twist and is a whiner.

Last weekend while cleaning one of the two closets in my house, I came across a personal CD player with earphones we had bought Steven’s granny 3 years ago for Christmas. Immediately, I thought of Marsha and said to myself there’s no way. I put it back on the shelf.

Yesterday, I had to stop by the Dollar General to get cleaning supplies and found the deal of the century (no it wasn’t a snuggly) They had kids CDs for $2…that’s right $2. Charlee being the deal finder she is loaded the buggy down . We had everything imaginable …Love tunes, Wedding Hits, and a Spanish CD (I’m not really sure what it was) a Clifford CD and Tractor songs. I bought the latter two and secretly put the others back.

BEDTIME came, I broke out the CD player and the bargain buys from earlier. First we listened to Clifford, Charlee sat criss cross applesauce at the end of bed….determined she would not lie down. About 10 minutes later she wanted the CD switched. She still remained at the end of bed refusing to put her head on the pillow, but she was motionless. Katie actually walked in, spoke to her and she never said a word. Another 10 or so minutes pasted. Being indecisive, Charlee wanted the CD changed for the last time. This time the hand went under the pillow and the strong-willed little girl finally put her head down. It wasn’t long before her eyes closed and she was sound asleep …no screaming….no hollering…no battle … everybody had a great night’s sleep. Who would have known that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was a lullaby and Marsha would be right.
Let’s hope tonight will be as successful.


  1. AHHHH what a story!!! You are such a great story teller..I felt like I was right in the room with Charlee..batting my eyes and finally off to sleep...:) You must be friends with a librarian????
    Marsha is smart and beautiful..I am glad Whitney is best friends with her niece Hayley...They are all such a wonderful family as is yours!!

  2. Yeah, I think they are pretty wonderful to. And words can't describe how grateful I am that she puts up with the rest of us. I never got the tape advice. From the time I was pregnant until Braley was born and after she was like a broken record, "Never but her in your bed. She has a bed she can sleep in it". From hearing your adventure I will be glad that for once I listened. The day Braley came home (with my mother watching over my shoulder) I put her in her crib which has now been turned into a big girl bed. If only she had a secret for getting night owls to go to bed earlier.

    I don't know that we can call all of her ideas smart... do you not remember when she had us sit the 5 head of children on her front porch steps and light sparklers. I really don't know who or what was the dumbest... the idea or us for listening to her. I think we quickly realized it wasn't the brightest decision when we lite the sparklers.

  3. I'm all about a tape/c.d. The Cow Tunes c.d. Crystal told me about is WONDERFUL at putting Allie to sleep in the may want to give that one a try.

  4. Well, had I had children back when Charlee was born, I would have shared my advice... move them out of your room at 12 weeks! According to research (I do a lot of reading on all things babies and kids), 12 weeks is prime time and the next window of successful opportunity is 2 years! We moved Cooper in his own room at 12 weeks and he always slept in his room (with a couple exceptions... and of course at mom and dads! He'd start out in bed with them, (but they snore), so Momma said he'd sit straight up in the bed and cry out and she'd ask him if he wanted to get in his own bed and he'd say "Yeah!" So even there he loved sleeping in his own bed). Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to move Miss Priss in her room at 12 weeks, too... I'm not feeling it right now, thats for sure! I told Devin we'd just let her sleep between us when she got to big for her cradle that's in our room... he wasnt too keen on the idea! Ha...


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