Saturday, January 17, 2009

After school Munchies

This will be the second retelling of this story. The first was deleted by none other than the infamous Charlee.

Friday night , I had a few minutes before we rushed back to town to watch the Bell/Trenton ball game in which Trenton lost and thought I would type a post to my blog with the time I had to spare. My first mistake was thinking I could type a post in 30 minutes. My second mistake was not saving my work as I went. This is a lesson I should have learned in college when I lost my entire Senior Seminar paper…but that’s a whole other story. See I told ya’ll this blog would be filled (wait one minute and let me save) with lots of adventures and mishaps in my life.

Here’s it goes…..

The girls and I had just walked into our freezing humble abode from a long winter’s day at work. Kate rushed outside to feed up then bolted back in to take a quick shower and get ready for the game – of course she had someone she wanted to impress. While she busied herself about getting ready, I sat and typed what I thought was the best narrative I have ever written. As I typed Charlee, burst into the room commented she was hungry and wanted a sandwich for a snack. I ignored her and kept on blogging. The next thing I know she is poking a slimy, bag of Lil’ Smokies left over Christmas in my face asking what it was and could she make a sandwich with it. I jumped up out of the recliner before any gunk could drip on me and went into the kitchen with her to assist with her endeavor for making a snack.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but wheat bread scattered from pillar to post. Then I noticed the making of Charlee’s sandwich. There on the table lay 2 slices of bread—the heels at that. Charlee had diligently attempted to make her snack with no assistance. As I looked over her creation, I noticed the heap of mustard and the stream that was flowing down the bread and onto the table. The mayo was haphazardly spread everywhere. I knew in an instant I had to help. I was able to convince her that the bread would taste nasty sicne it was form dad' hunting trip last week. I dug in the refrigerator for some fresh sliced deli meat. I thought she might allow me to help but that was totally out of the question. If you haven’t figured it out...Charlee is extremely hard headed. I not exactly sure where she gets it from.

As I was reaching my hand into the bread sack, Charlee scolded me and stated she could get her own bread. So, I stepped back. Sister girl then proceed with the condiments. First was the mustard. I tried to explain that a little squirt goes a long way. Apparently, she loves mustard because it was on thickly spread on both slices of bread and the napkin. Next, came the mayo, she dipped her knife deep into the jar and pulled out the biggest mound of mayo ever lifted by knife out of a jar of mayonnaise. I’m guess as she was transporting the mayo to the bread, it kind of plunged off the knife onto the bread. As she spread it, of course, it traveled to places far beyond the bread. Charlee happened to notice the excessive mayo on the crust and sighed “Geez Lordy”. I thought I would pee in my pants. Now the whole time this escapade is going on, Katie is hollering “Are you going to be ready, don’t make me late.”

We were finally ready for the ham. (Praise the Lord). I opened the zip seal and Charlee grabbed a slice of ham and laid it very precisely on the bread. She reached back in for a second slice. This time she couldn’t get it to lay how she wanted. After numerous attempts she decided what the heck—slammed the two meticulously prepared edible masterpieces together. But before she could sample her creation she reached for an additional slice of ham and placed it at the top of the napkin. Wondering what she was doing I asked and she replied “Aunt Annie always puts an extra piece on my plate”.

Charlee had only eaten about ½ of her condiment and ham sandwich when she decided it was time for her to get ready for the ballgame also. She had mentioned that she was going to wear her cheerleading outfit and muttered something else, but I was back trying to finish my post before getting ready for the game. She ran into the bedroom and later reappeared almost ready for the game---she had on long black pants and nothing else. She asked if I would help her finish putting her wardrobe together. I laid my computer down and we went in the room ---scrounging around for something she wanted. I convinced her to put on a long sleeve black shirt. She topped it off with her OSU (Oklahoma State University, not the team we beat for the Championship) cheerleading uniform. Their colors are orange and black also. I decide since I was in the room I could go ahead and get ready for the game myself. In the meantime, Charlee completed her outfit.

After I got ready I went back into the family room to find my computer DEAD. I frantically tried to figure out what the problem was but could only allude to the notorious Charlee. During this moment of madness in walks the culprit. With eyes batting, says “See I told you this would like look GREAT”. If I must say she looked absolutely adorable, until we got down to the pink socks and black paten Sunday shoes. Its moments like this that makes life worth living.

Katie made it to the game, somewhat on time and got to sit with the man of her dreams briefly, I not sure if he is even aware of that.

Ain't it a beautiful day in the Lord,


  1. OH my goodness Kimberly I felt like I was RIGHT there..haha You write so well! Keep em coming!!

  2. I love it! I hope you let Charlee wear her pink socks and church shoes!!! What a hoot that girl is...God knew you needed some humor in your life when he gave you Charlee.

    Also, high five for Katie sitting by the man of her dreams. I just hope he's worthy.


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