Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Yucky Day

Have you ever had a …. well ….yucky day? And you wondered if it could possible get any worse?
Let me give you some advice ----don’t ask.
In the afternoons, when I first arrive home, I like to check out the BLOG world and see what’s happening in everybody’s world. Today had been pretty rough at school and I needed a moment before I started supper to catch my second wind. Katie and I sat on the couch nosing into perfect strangers' business, when Charlee appeared. Here's the conversation that made my day a little bit “crappier”.

Charlee: I had to go to the bathroom but I’m okay.
Me: Well, did you poop in your pants?
Charlee: Noooo, I just pulled down my pants and it fell out.
Me: Are you sure you didn’t have an accident?
Charlee: No, I cleaned it up.
Katie: Oh gross…. (mixed with giggles)
Me: Well maybe I need to see if the bathroom is okay. (not really wanting to go, but fearful of what she might do next)
Charlee: Don’t worry, that on my britches is cow crap from working cows at the daycare today. Before Meme picked me up, we had to put them in the pen. But she didn’t see them ‘cause we were finished when she got there. (I would call her a LIAR, but I think she just fabricates stories).

So, I reluctantly headed into the bathroom, pondering if I should go ahead and put on my cleaning house clothes or hope it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Needless to say, I turned around went in my room and changed clothes. Then I grabbed the jug of bleach and went to work.

The more I cleaned, the more I noticed what had been victimized by the notorious Charlee. I lifted my new bath rugs that were freshly sprinkled with stinky. I scrubbed the wall that was splattered with Lord knows what. I bleached the grout and the tile that oozed with yuck. Then, I noticed the base of the toilet….and thought to myself “how can a little 20 pound nothing commit such destruction on a bathroom.” Bless her little heart, she tried to clean up--with the hand towel (that is going in the trash).

Does the scene from Daddy Daycare flash in your head?

As hard and deep as I cleaned, the more I found that needed bleaching. When I thought I was finally finished, I spotted the bath toys, needless to say Barbie is now a true Bleached Blonde.

Disgusted beyond means, I threw a plastic Easter egg away. While I cleaned, Charlee headed out to help dad really work cows and ride the horse. A little while later, she came racing back in the house to go to the bathroom again, when she apparently noticed the cheap, good for nothing poop covered Easter egg I had thrown in the trash. She rushed into the family room, and as if I had committed an unforgivable sin said “That Easter Egg does not go in the trash”
Me: Oh yes it does—it has poop on it.
Charlee: OH NO it doesn’t, you can wash it off and I already did. And away she prised

So I guess I am heading back to the bathroom to re-bleach everything.

I know this is a gross story but remember in my first post, I said that I am always knee deep in some kind of adventure only today it wasn’t an adventure I was knee deep in. ;~)


  1. OH.MY.LORD. I have laughed until I cried reading this. Charlee is TOOOOO much... and I am loving that you have taken pictures of the shoo-shoo covered bathroom! That is HILARIOUS. I have a feeling one day she wont think so, though! The first picture of her smiling so big is priceless... I love it!!! :)

  2. Looks like she's quite proud of her accomplishment, huh? You are a mighty woman, K!

  3. There are no words to describe how funny I think this story is! Wow!!! What a day you have had, momma! If I were you, I think I might have to take up drinking!

  4. I've been thinking about potty training, but this seals the deal that I think I'll leave 'em in diapers just a little longer!! Holy cow...that was too funny!! And Miss Charlee is looking awfully cute (not to mention proud) with the "cow" on her pants!

  5. I have so been there. sigh! Thank goodness for rubber gloves!


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