Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chocolate Covered Anything

Once a month do you have that carving were you could eat just about anything covered in chocolate?

Well today happens to be one of those days. All day it has poured rain. (Thank you, Jesus for the blessing of rain). Katie and Steven are at the Youth Livestock Sale. This is the first time in about 30 years I have missed sale day. For some reason, I think the sale was able to go on with out me. Imagine That:~) But with the weather we thought it was best for Charlee to stay home. Plus it has been a long week and we have to go back to school on Thursday. Katie did great. But I'll tell that story with pictures.

Now back to my reason for the post---Mid month Munchies. Any way I am busy cleaning and reorganizing my house before the Egg Hunt, we are hosting for my side of the family on the 11th . When it struck me.....nothing is satisfying my hunger needs today. I had cheese grits for breakfast, chicken salad sandwich for lunch and nibbled on Charlee's leftover Valentine candy. Gross I know, but when a woman is in need of a snack, she'll eat almost anything. In my madness of cleaning our Dining Room/ Storage Room. I had a brain blossom--Seven Minute Cookies. This happens to be one of those recipe were you have everything you need in the pantry. I wanted to share my quick fix recipe with you other mid month munchers. This is a recipe, I found in the University of Florida Alpha Gamma Cookbook that Ray Hodge (he was always so thoughtful) gave to me. If you can get your hands on one of these cookbooks grab it and run. It is filled with wonderful Florida Family recipes. ( Carrie, I will try to locate one for Ms. Cindy Jo. She would love the stories and history.)

Seven Minute Cookies
Melt in a pan:
1can Eagle Brand Milk
12 oz. Chocolate Chips
1/4 cup butter
Stir in the following
1 cup Self-rising Flour
1 cup Chopped nuts
1 tsp Vanilla
Drop by teaspoons onto a greased cookie sheet bake for 7-8 minutes @350.
Cool Slightly before removing.

I would have taken a picture of my beautiful cookies but the infamous Charlee has misplaced Katie's digital camera. I am going to the store before Easter to purchase a digital you bloggers let me know which is best. I have the Canon Rebel with all the lenses and love it but I can barely afford the film and developing cost nor can I put nifty pictures on my post immediately.


  1. Divine cookie recipe! I can't wait to try it...but not right now because I am munching on some freshly chilled m&ms, which I have been hiding in the back of the fridge for just such a day as today. I laughed so hard when I read the title of your post, thinking that girl knows she is reading my mind!!!!

    Having talked with your very nearly grown up daughter, Katie at the fair, I have to say that you did it right, Kimberly she's so sweet! I can't wait to see pictures of her in her black and white zebra prom dress. (I so didn't see that coming when she went to describing the dress to me??!?!?!)

  2. OH WOW that looks delicious!!!!!!

  3. Once a month? More like once a DAY!
    I remember this recipe- You wrote it down for Mom one time... I'm glad to have it, now, too! I'll be trying these out sometime soon...


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