Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayer Request For Clara Nell

Mom will be having knee replacement surgery Wednesday morning. Please pray that she will have quick and complete healing. She is Diabetic and I am worried about the healing. She is very apprehensive about the therapy and being at home. She had contemplated going to the local nursing home but after a visit changed her mind. I don't think she would like the food nor the smell. Like me, mom is a gag-er so I know she wouldn't like the place after the good meds wear off.

So next week, my spring break won't be at the beach but at mom and dad's so drop by and see us and we'll enjoy the sunset off their porch. Pray also for me, I think I am going to stay at the hosptial with her --- I hate yucky places, where other people's hair and germs may linger. I may just sneak some of the good stuff 'cause you know I am as cottie a phobic as they come.



  1. Kimberly I had no idea Mrs. Quincey was having surgery. Charlie goes back out to work tomorrow but one of us will call her this weekend and if I feel up to it..I'll swing by and see her. If you have read my blog lately..it's been a very draining week. I am feeling wonderful now and I am thankful for that!!

  2. I will defiantly keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. My husband had an aunt that had two knee replacements at the same time. It was about 6 months ago now. She is finally up and about without her walker. I pray that everything will go well. And girl, I hate those yucky hairs and germs that seem to linger......ugh....


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